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Tips, tricks and tutorials for geophysics students and anyone else who finds their way here.

ESLab’s desktop

Bird 2003 Plate Boundaries

Update (15 March 2015): I later found this interesting page that exploits GMT features to draw fault type as well. Worth a look! Original: I looked all over the Internet for the latest plate boundaries data that I could easily … (Read More) Bird 2003 Plate Boundaries

Obspy and the Canopy IDE

This post is similar to my post about the Eclipse IDE, but using Enthought’s Canopy instead, which offers the Ipython environment. Some may find this a similar environment to MATLAB or SciLab. Steps: 1) Install Canopy using an academic license. … (Read More) Obspy and the Canopy IDE

Berlage Wavelet

An implementation of the Berlage wavelet that I find useful for geophysical modeling. See this paper for a summary of the wavelet. A matlab function for generating the wavelet is below. [sourcecode language=”matlab”] function w=berlage_wavelet(t,A,alpha,n,f0,phi0) % % USAGE: w=berlage_wavelet(t,A,alpha,n,f0,phi0) % … (Read More) Berlage Wavelet

Testing the latex compiler

$latex i \hbar \frac{\partial}{\partial t} \left| \Psi(t) \right >= H \left| \Psi(t) \right >$ Sweet, but watch out. The LaTeX code breaks if written in bold font. $latex \LaTeX&s=4$ (max font size s=4) LaTeX (Read More) Testing the latex compiler

Obspy and the Eclipse IDE

I have been wanting to use OBSPY for a while now to process passive seismic data. This post details how to get obspy up and running with the ECLIPSE IDE on a mac. Eclipse is a nice IDE, but it … (Read More) Obspy and the Eclipse IDE